Hello from a spirit

After much contemplation, here I am writing my first post. I am writing and listening to a podcast "Minds & Morality". I am anxious as I have always been hard on me and English isn't really my first language. So apologies in advance if I make mistakes. 

I am a woman. A refugee woman. I had to let go of my family, my country, my life of 25 years to survive and build a new life somewhere else. My current geographic location is London, England. I also suffer from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Needless to say that these two disorders cause hell lot of trouble every day but somehow I manage. Because of my life experiences, I connect very quickly to those who are vulnerable. With time, I realised that life is manageable as long as I accept me with my vulnerabilities. May be its manageable in a way which is not very conventional but who cares? Also, who does not have vulnerabilities? 

My life experiences taught me lessons. I met wonderful souls as well as devil in human form. But they all contributed to my growth. I am at a stage of my life, where I feel that it is about time I share my stories with the world just to give a perspective that anything is possible. 

Mental health has so much stigma around it that it is often so difficult for others to see the potentials in a person surpassing the illness. But given understanding, compassion, supports, and love people with disorders can excel on numerous things.

With time, I wish to share my life, my stories with others so that people can understand that even with difficulties we can survive. 

So that is now for today :). Sending love from me to you. 

A spirit :) 


Arriving in London