Thank you for visiting my website.This website tells the journey of my soul. Experiences shared on this website are real and true. I wish to connect to beautiful spirits through sharing my experiences especially with those who are vulnerable and find themselves alone in their journey.

I struggle with mental illness and I know some times words, photos, stories can trigger negative feelings within us. So, before you enter my blog, please consider that some things may cause distressing feeling inside you. If you are unable to control your triggers, please by all means avoid reading my blog.

I am currently working part-time in fashion while receiving treatment for my BPD. I also work as volunteer for an organisation which provides befriending service. I find working with them profoundly healing. If you find yourself lonely, on a similar journey, or even need someone to reach out just to connect, please write to me at

You can connect with me on Instagram. Just click the link below. 

Love and wishes

A spirit :)